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Wood of Life, a meditation in a bottle

Meditation can mean many things to many people. For some, it involves sitting cross-legged and chanting mantras. For others, it’s inextricably linked to yoga or transcendence.
For certain people, meditation can be a quiet second on the train, their eyes closed and their mind relaxed for one pure moment. Meditation comes in many forms – now, there’s another.

Wood of Life is our attempt to capture the peacefulness and the essence of meditation. It’s why we like to refer to Wood of Life as ‘meditation in a bottle’. While many people associate meditation with physical relaxation, we’re focused much more on the mind and how to achieve that same tranquility through different means. Our sense of smell is so powerful and so often underused. But the right aroma can transport you to a peaceful, relaxed place.

That’s the idea behind Wood of Life, created by Michel Roudnitska. The son of one of history’s most famous perfumiers, Michel has gone to great lengths to capture truly original and fascinating scents. For this project, he ventured deep into the Amazonian rainforest and helped us track down a truly unique blend of ingredients.

There, he met with a local community named the Shipibo. They taught him about their traditions and culture, including their use of the rhizome of a papyrus. The rhizome is the root stalk of the papyrus plant and the Shipibo learned how to cultivate it, transforming the root into what they called ‘piri piri.’

The smell of the piri piri struck Michel immediately. Not only was the aroma enchanting, but he learned more about the ingredient itself, how it was used in sacred rituals. To the Shipibo, the piri piri was almost a love potion. That notion of romance – that calming, buoyant feeling of love – is something we believe we’ve captured in Wood of Life. Added to our own penchant of calling our fragrances potions, it becomes clear why piri piri, Michel’s adventures, and our company ethos are so well-matched.

We love that Michel didn’t just use the local ingredient in his fragrance. He spent time with the locals and worked with Coeur de Foret, a French NGO, to help refine the cultivation process and extract the essential oil. Now, the Shipibo can harvest their traditional resource and make a living selling it. We think this adds a tremendous benefit to the entire Anima Vinci range and it’s stories like this which make us immensely proud of the products we sell.

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But the piri piri is not alone in Wood of Life. We’ve also used Palo Santo, which has its own reputation as a ‘healing wood’, and sandalwood, which really helps conjure that rich, soothing sense of tranquillity which comes with meditation. It’s a fragrance which is as much of a meditation on the power of spirituality as it is an enchanting aroma.

We created Wood of Life to remind us of the power of meditation. Not only do we believe that the wonderful fragrance can bring a sense of tranquillity to your life, but it is a meditation in and of itself. It’s a representation of what makes Anima Vinci different, an illustration of our unique approach to perfumery.

Wood of Life means meditation – it’s a love potion, but not in the traditional sense. It’s original, yet it taps into that same spiritual essence every one of us holds inside. With the right blend of ingredients and the expertise of the best perfumiers in the business, we have created a truly special fragrance.

Wood of Life is our attempt to bottle meditation, helping you fall head over heels for your spiritual side with an aromatic flourish.



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