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For the last nine years, Nathalie was the Creative Fragrance Director for Penhaligon’s and L’Artisan Parfumeur where she developed and refined her expertise in fragrance.

She was responsible for over 40 fragrances launches with a fantastic team of Master Perfumers from prestigious Fragrance Houses (Firmenich, CPL Aromas, Art et Parfum…)

Amid of her new chapter, we sat down with the creative brain behind Anima Vinci, Nathalie Vinciguerra for a one on one on the brand. 

When did you start considering launching your own brand Anima Vinci?
I’ve always wanted to develop my own brand. I’ve seriously started thinking about it when I’ve left L’Oreal. Back then, I’ve decided to start the process with writing a book. That was the first taste in communicating how I feel and to be able to connect, relate and be related to. 25 years later, I now know confidently what I want to bring on the table is wellbeing and positiveness.

How does this compare to the work you’ve done before for other houses?
On a technical side, over the last 10 years, I’ve developed very elaborated perfumes for big names like Penhaligon’s and L’Artisan Parfumeur. I’ve reinvested my skills and expertise into my own brand with no compromise on quality of the ingredients. Having said that, this new chapter of my life is about freedom of creativity and the free license of my own vision. The brand is entirely built on positive energy which is the result of my roots, my beliefs and my attitudes towards life. As a new brand, I believe I had to dig back into my primal foundation: happiness. I have translated my values into the brand. Compared to what I’ve done previously, I focused here on amplifying the beauty within rather than using my perfumes as a beauty accessory.
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How are Anima Vinci scents different from other creations?
I believe every perfumer wants to be an added value to someone wearing their perfume. Some focus on the sexy, others on being elegant. My perfumes bring soul. Each perfume I’ve developed tells a story. Throughout the time you are wearing an Anima Vinci, different notes are highlighted at different times. I like to look at it as taking you on a journey.
It’s important for me to highlight that all the quality goes into the bottle. They are all Eau De Parfum. All the top notes are very uplifting followed by a key sustainable ingredient in the heart of the fragrance which settles with an elaborated dry down with a longer tenacity which gives a more remarkable trail.

If you’ve had one Anima Vinci fragrance scent to choose, which one would it be?
I can’t choose! I’ve honestly fallen in love with each one of them throughout their development. Each one of them has a different facet of my perception of happiness. Each one of them has a different scent and make you feel something different. Some are refreshing whilst others are uplifting, energizing and even balancing.

What do you hope from the brand ultimately?
I want to see the brand to be able to connect with every other culture and be perceived a “citizen of the world”. The ultimate goal is to be seen as a brand that brings a sense of joy, positive and happiness.


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