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Neroli wisdom, an oasis of peace

Stress is all around us. It hammers away at every sense, whether it’s incessant roadworks on your street or garish advertising boards intruding on your every view.
The effect is the same: our nerves bundle up and twist themselves into such a complicated knot, it can be impossible to unwind.
At Anima Vinci, we’re firm believers in the power of the senses to calm, soothe, and lift. The right fragrance is not just a sweet aroma – it can be so much more. Neroli Wisdom is our attempt to help you find an oasis of peace in a loud, intrusive world.
To achieve this, we sought out our favourite peaceful moments in an otherwise hectic world. We tried to distil these situations into an enriching, soothing fragrance.
Beverly Bayne, from CPL Aromas, helped us achieve this. The subtle-yet-powerful combination of neroli and orange blossom could be exactly what your senses crave.
The key moment of inspiration for Neroli Wisdom was the corne de gazelle, one of Morocco’s many delicacies. Corne de gazelle is French for gazelle horns and the delicate pastries are fashioned into that exact shape: a curved and dimpled crescent moon.
Their taste – a hint of almond, seasoned with orange flower water – leaves a lasting impression.

But it’s not the corne de gazelles’ deliciousness that we tried to capture. Instead, it’s that moment when you first bite into the pastry. The crumble, the sudden rush of taste, the warmth of the ingredients, the way the world slows down around you and – quite suddenly – everything is less complicated. You exist in that moment, that brief-but-lingering flicker of calm in an otherwise-rambunctious world.

In that moment, the world becomes quiet.

For many people in Morocco, the chance to relax comes in the evening. When the sun sets and the working day dies down, people switch from black to white coffee. Except, white coffee is not coffee as we’d understand it. Instead, it’s a teaspoon of neroli oil mixed into a cup of boiling water. It’s an infusion which takes the hard edge off the day and helps the drinker unwind.
It hits several senses at once: the texture, the smell, and the taste all combine to soothe the drinker and prepare them for a night’s sleep. That use of neroli and that appeal to the senses is something we’re always trying to replicate at Anima Vinci and, especially, with Neroli Wisdom.

When creating this fragrance, we were inspired by Moroccan addictive pastries and their ability to remove you from the stress of everyday life. This is why Beverly’s approach is so quintessentially calming. It taps into traditional cultures and ideas, blending the floral greens and the fresh smells of the neroli, while simultaneously providing a counter-balancing sweetness.
It’s the corne de gazelle and the white coffee, all in one. A complex-yet-peaceful fragrance with is ideal for any situation.

It’s those soothing moments that we captured with Neroli Wisdom. It’s our potion for relaxation, that breath of fresh air that reminds you of the simplicity of the world. Just as the taste of Moroccan pastry can liberate you from your hectic surroundings, a hint of Neroli Wisdom can usher you away to an island of serenity.



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