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Happiness, sun & Jasmine yang

Happiness can be felt, even with your eyes closed. 
Jasmine Yang is our sunny fragrance, one which reminds you of the warmth of an afternoon sun as it touches softly against your skin.
The way the heats massages its way through your body and caresses every fibre of your being. It’s a deep nourishment, a profound sense of joy.
What the sun does with your sense of touch, we wanted to replicate with your sense of smell.
That’s why Jasmine Yang bottles the Bali sun.

At Anima Vinci, we believe in fun. 
Positive energy isn’t just a feeling or a sensation, it’s a quality that we can bottle. Jasmine Yang is packed with fun, youthfulness, and positivity.

Our inspiration travels thousands of miles around the planet. To make Jasmine Yang, we thought long and hard about Bali – its history, its traditions, and its culture. Anyone who has experienced the spiritual ceremonies in the country will know how much of an effect they can have on your mindset.

When we were experimenting, we kept coming back to the procession to the temples. There was an uplifting sense of joy that walked with everyone as they walked together to the ceremony. It’s this shared experience – this communal joy – that we wanted to replicate.

There’s even a hint of the divine in this fragrance. The sweet, sensual scent of the temple procession is indivisible from spirituality. You don’t have to believe in anything to sense it – you can feel it radiating from others. That’s a sensation we’ve captured with Jasmine Yang: other people don’t need to be wearing the fragrance, but they can sense the warmth and unbridled happiness emanating from you.
Perfumer Thomas Fontaine was the key originator of the idea. Under his guidance, we gathered together a collection of ingredients which would give us that same sense of positive energy and happiness. We knew we wanted a floral scent, a natural aroma which lifted the spirits. Thomas suggested white flowers – particularly jasmine and frangipani – and we love the light, delicate mix that he has created. By the time we finished, Jasmine Yang was a truly special fragrance.

At Anima Vinci, we have a penchant for referring to all of our brands as potions. We believe that they have a transformative effect on anyone who comes into contact with them. When we smelled Jasmine Yang, we knew people would love it. The way it fosters a sense of true happiness in anyone nearby is exactly why we’re proud that it’s one of our most popular potions.
Part of the reason Jasmine Yang is so popular is the way it speaks to the youthful side we all possess. It’s unencumbered, it’s light and easy. We used traces of jasmine straight from the Nile, a source which helps to imbue the ingredients with a little extra delicacy. It’s remarkable just how subtle the hints can be, while still having such a profound effect. By taking in our youthful energy, our potion helps you shake off the tiredness and the stresses of everyday life. It just makes everything a little bit more fun

Jasmine Yang lifts the spirits and it lifts the mood. Through the power of the senses, it transforms not just the wearer, but everyone around them. That’s why it’s a great representation of everything we’re trying to do at Anima Vinci – it’s more than just a fragrance, it’s a part of your spirit.



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