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Sesame Chān

Eau de parfum 100ml

Sesame Chān

The potion we created to provide a zen state of mind.

Cherry blossoms floating gently to ground. Warm sand shifting beneath your toes. A cool breeze caressing your cheek as you sit quietly, audience to a crimson sunset. When do you feel at peace?

Our senses contribute so much, we should always tune our surroundings to reduce stress and guide ourselves towards a state of zen. Sesame Chan, the new fragrance from Anima Vinci, was created with this in mind. The silken scent of Sesame Chan is more than just a fragrance. We wanted to fashion a perfume that talks to your experiences and carries you back to a time when you were free from stress. It’s more than just an intriguing aroma – we believe it’s a balm for the soul.

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Top Notes: Ginger, cashew, hazelnut.
Heart Notes: Roasted sesame seeds, carrot heart.
Base Notes: Vetiver, cedar.


Sophie Labbé
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As humans, our sense of smell is so powerful and so often overlooked. At Anima Vinci, we want to change that. We don’t just help you to smell good, we help you to feel good too. In stressful moments or when you just want to unwind, the light, airy aroma of Sesame Chan can transport you to a more peaceful place. We’ve designed the fragrance to be worn and enjoyed at the same time, a long-lasting almost Proustian way to disentangle yourself from the hectic hours of the day.
Our belief is that fragrances can be so much more than pretty smells. It’s why we like to refer to our products as potions: you don’t just wear Sesame Chan – you’re affected by it. Sesame Chan taps into those peaceful memories which – in stressful moments – seem so far away. We bring them back in one carefully-crafted breath. In today’s fast-paced, overwhelming world, why shouldn’t you carry a breath of zen with you all day?

Sesame seeds and vetiver

Our key ingredients
As well as creating a wistful, thought-provoking fragrance, we wanted to use ingredients that have long been famed for their ability to relax, disentangle, and ease your tensions. We decided to use roasted sesame seeds, for instance, because of their use in ancient Buddhist rituals. We selected vetiver oil because it has long been known as the “oil of tranquillity” – it’s essential in traditional Ayurveda medical practices.
While we love the way vetiver acts as a calming influence, we want to make sure that we’re not just using the best ingredients but that we’re working towards a sustainable future at the same time. We use the best vetiver in the world, working with locals in Haiti to improve the quality of the crop as well as people’s lives in the local communities.

Sophie Labbé

Meet the Perfumer
Sophie is master perfumer at IFF. This is neither a photograph nor a freeze frame. But rather the story told by one single image. She is sitting, her eyes closed, her arms resting. With the suggestion of a smile, Sophie is breathing in inspiration.

I always tell myself a perfume’s story before starting to create it. I need to transpose it into words.

Sophie Labbé
Sesame Chān

Anima Vinci Fragrance Eau de parfum 100ml

Sesame Chān